Sponsorship Opportunities – What’s on Offer

Company Logo on Team Shirts

  • We offer space on our Team Shirts to place your
  • This will be displayed at all Khalsa Lions
  • Please see packages below for more details

Social Media Advertising

  • With a large Social Media presence, which is growing rapidly every week, we are committed to publishing your business. This will include videos and posts of your product and services including offers and specials you would like to announce during the
  • Across all of our platforms we have demonstrated an ability to achieve between 3‐ 4,000 views per significant
  • Important to note, that one of our platforms (Australian Sikh Football) has approximately 800 members, all of which are soccer players/enthusiasts across the country.

Marketing & Sales opportunities at Khalsa Lions Events

We offer sponsors the opportunity to sell their product and/or services at our events. These include the Victorian Punjabi Federation Tournament with an attendance every year of above 2000+ people, over two

Printed Banner ‐ Displayed at Khalsa Lions Events

We will arrange a Pull up Banner with your Logo/Business to be displayed at all our events.

Membership Discounts

  • With a supporter base of 700+, Khalsa Lions is creating a membership
  • All members will be provided ‘Khalsa Lions Membership cards’ which can be used at sponsor businesses to receive
  • Sponsors are welcome to offer individual discounts that suit their own business

Annual Sponsors’ Dinner

As gratitude for partnering with Khalsa Lions we invite all sponsors to an Annual Dinner to come together and celebrate the year that has been. This is a wonderful night that allows all business to not only grow their business network but will also allow Khalsa Lions to thank all sponsors for their ongoing support.